Musical Comedy:
What a Wonderful World!

A unique volunteer-based act based on Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World.  Packed full of charming and delightfully crafted props, hilariously directed and beautifully sung by the lady herself, you'll find yourself feeling like you're watching a cross between Blue Peter and Watch with Mother...seen through the eyes of a 35-year-old. After 10 pints, and maybe some hallucinogenics. See more here.

​​​Emma Price “Squeezes out the laughs with a twinkle in her eye…. What wonderful world did she come from?” - TMH Projects

The Noughtie Act

She may look demure, but this English rose really packs a punch with her husky vocals, honking accordion, and caustic wit. This show presents hilariously reworked covers of songs you’ll recognise from your acne-ridden teenage years (if, like me you were a teenager in the OOs that is!)  Expect wigs, lack of, ridiculous characters, and a whole bunch of
feel-good participation. Short acts or full show.  See more here.

Will You Buy a Fine Dog

An act based around a video made by Emma in 2020 of the 17th Century song Will You Buy A Fine Dog (With a Dildo) by English composer Thomas Morley, this is a live re-enactment of the video... and MUCH more! Pure, delightful, authentic silliness! See more here

What a Wonderful Christmas!

Inspired by her original volunteer act 'What a Wonderful World', Emma takes the same charming chaos, and covers it in Christmas silliness!  ​​​​See more here.

Roving Performer:

Emma regularly combines her diverse musical talents and engaging improvisational skills, taking to the fields of many a festival to entertain revellers with her walkabout acts. Emma is a founding member of both Strictly Sing-Along and Clamour of Bells, who can be seen roaming the fields of Glastonbury's Theatre & Circus area. For more information, visit Music & Fools.
Emma has also enjoyed performing with SWANK Street Theatre. and Laughter House Entertainment.

Improviser & Actor

Emma has been revelling in the London improv scene for the past few years, and spends more time at gigs, rehearsals and courses then she does at home.  Emma likes nothing more than to jump off the precipice of the unknown of an evening, be it character comedy, long-form Harolds, or heart-felt fully improvised a cappella musicals. You can see Emma perform regularly at Hoopla Improv Theatre in London, and is a member of ridiculous long-form narrative team BananaFarm with their show Uncle Pig's Memoirs, and a cappella musical improv troupe Acaprov.   

In 2021 Emma played the title role in new musical The Pyjama Girl in Wollongong NSW, and in 2022 takes the lead in Anvil at the Flight Path Theatre in Sydney. 

Ambient Musician

Uniquely reworked covers of classic popular songs. Perfect easy listening for all occasions. Emma accompanies her husky vocals with either accordion or piano, depending upon the event's requirements. She can adapt a set to suit most settings, and regularly revises her set lists to cater for all requirements. Also available for instrumental only (Piano/Flute/Accordion/Singer).​​​​​

Classical Musician

Since graduating from Trinity College of Music with an Mmus in 2010, Emma has enjoyed a freelance career as flautist, pianist and singer.  Her previous credits include: Soloist with the Bristol Ensemble, the Twenty21 Ensemble, Opera Engine, the Camarilla Ensemble, Ayre Flutes, and principal flute in the TCM Chamber and Symphony Orchestras. With notable performances at: Cadogan Hall, Birmingham's Symphony Hall, St. Martins-in-the-Fields, Royal Festival Hall, the BFS Convention, and St. George's, Bristol, where she performed the Chaminade Flute Concertino.      


a Day with Price: A fortnightly ‘CRASSical’ music podcast hosted by Brooke Day and Emma Price, who discuss being freelance musicians in London UK, and recommend a piece of classical music each episode. Don’t worry, this isn’t a socks ‘n’ sandals-style podcast; these two don’t take themselves or the world of classical music too seriously. Prepare to learn whilst laughing! See and hear more here.


Emma is a founding member and flautist of Trifonics, an all female flute and strings trio that bring a unique atmosphere to any occasion. Not only offering elegant and lyrical background music, Trifonics have developed their skills to be able to walk around whilst playing well known songs for a more intimate performance. For more information, visit ​​​​​​​    

Lotus Classics

Emma is a flautist and singer with Lotus Classics, a flute and string ensemble who specialise in creating unique and charming performances for weddings, parties, corporate events, and festivals. You may have seen them in London's Covent Garden, where they regularly perform on the world's only classical music busking pitch. For more information, visit Lotus Classics. ​​​​​​​

The BeauBowBelles

Emma is a founding member of the Alternative Swing Folk band The BeauBowBelles, in which she writes, sings, and plays accordion and flutes. The music inhabits both the story-telling depth and heart of contemporary English folk with the more bawdy thumping accents of gypsy swing. All sung in beautiful three part harmony and underpinned by a classical expertise. See more here.