“Squeezes out the laughs with a twinkle in her eye” ...“Never have I seen someone pumping their box with such grace” ...“What wonderful world did she come from?” “F***in’ FABULOUS”  - TMH Projects

"You nearly made me wet my pants!" 
 - Donna...

          "...I think I wet my pants!"
                                      - Anonymous

                         She'll Be Right, Dec 2020

Emma Price is entertaining & delightfully                                 funny!” 
- Martin Besserman, Monkey Business 

"World Class"
- Nick Rheinberger, ABC Illawarra

"Emma entertained our clients at a recent senior carers retreat with her musical talents, warmth and charm. She led a rousing karaoke with flawless vocal delivery giving confidence and support to those less talented than herself.  Ever versatile, Emma entertained us in the evenings with beautiful piano renditions of classic favourites. Emma was the perfect choice for our event and definitely a crowd favourite."

"The Price is always right!"  - Aha Gazelle